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            HT Series Activated Clay

            HT series activated clay is made of bentonite as raw material and refined by acidification process. It has a larger specific surface area and more activated acid centers, so it has strong adsorption and catalytic ability.Industrially, it is often used in the decolorization and refining of various vegetable oils, animal oils and cosmetic raw material greases, the refining of mineral oils and the recycling of waste oils. It can be used for sewage treatment and toxic gas filtration catalytic cracking in the petroleum industry when it is made into granules.

            The technical requirements of HT series activated clay products are shown in the following table:

            Index name Index model
            HT-1A HT-1 HT-2
            Decolorization rate/% ≥ 95 92 90
            Activity/ H+?mmol/kg ≥ 160 100 180
            Free acid (?calculated?as H2SO4)/% ≤ 0.20
            Particle size (through 75μm screen)/% ≥ 90
            Moisture/% ≤ 12.0 12.0 10.0
            Filtration speed/ (mL/min) ≥ 5.0
            Tap density/(g/mL) 0.7-1.1

            Note: Other requirements of users can be negotiated face to face.

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